Update 1.1 Release notes (Important)

Now Fully Customizable!

Added “Dimensioning Rules” tab – which enables user to create highly customizable dimensioning settings, to define how different objects should be dimensioned, where dimensions placed. It is available to apply different Rules to objects filtered by class or type.

Sets of unlimited dimensioning Rules for different situations can be created by user and saved as separate files for future usage. Dimensioning Rules being used are chosen in main “CU-Drawing tab.”


  • Filter- set object type or class to which this rule will be applied. If multiple rows filter the same objects – first row with objects’ class will be used. It takes into account part, cut-object and subassembly mainpart classes.
  • Action – choose what dimensions should be created for filtered objects if any. “No Dim+Ignore option” makes application not to take objects into account(For example, if some cut is set to this option by class, there will be no  Intersections recognised between this cut and subassemblies, as a result if subassembly does not intersect outer planes of any other part, it might not be dimensioned.) 
  • Dimension to – set if object should be dimensioned to its’ center or overall dimensions.
  • Placement – overrides default placement if chosen different option than “Auto”
  • Setting – dimensions’ settings from model attributes folder
  • “Split subassembly to surface intersections” – Recognizes each intersection with outside surface of a mainpart as a separate object with same part position(only for subAssemblies)
  • “Attach dimension only to mainPart” custom option is also available in Dim Rules tab. By default if subassembly or part intersects some cut in addition to mainPart, attaching its’ dimension to cut is prioritized by application.
  • Option not to created Edge dimensions is now available. Edge Dimensions are outmost dimensions which show all secondary parts’ points visible from each side of Cast Unit

Bug Fixes

  • Views rotated 90, -90 and 180 degrees can now be dimensioned with the same result as non rotated ones.
  • Section views are now correctly dimensioned regardless if or how they are created and moved, with only visible objects taken into account (Bug fix)
  • Section Views Can now be created in desired directions.
  • GA-dimensioning plugin now works properly in any views regardless of view creation method.

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