Tools Available Now:

Precast-Element fabrication drawing dimensioning

Create all needed dimensions for any view with just one click using our flexible Dimensioning tool (10x time saver)

General-Arrangement drawing dimensioning plugin

Significantly reduces amount of clicks you need to make when formalizing GA-drawing. Creates dimensions and level marks for selected objects.

In Development:

Steel-assembly drawing automation.

Creation of “ready for production” drawing with all needed views, dimensions and marks. Allowing to create assembly drawings for selection of assemblies with one click based on settings defined by user. Maximum flexibility and customizable settings to provide reliable results minimizing need for quality control.

What will be automated in the following years:

Model detailing.

After all main construction elements are positioned in the model, all connections and support details between walls/beams/columns/slabs can be recognized and detailed according to predefined settings.

Formalizing project.

Generating All needed drawings, views, adding dimensions, marks, loads to minimize similar manual work that is done for every project.

Integrations with TSD

Performing calculations based on Tekla Model and returning information back, to enable automated beam profile definition, concrete slab/beam reinforcement etc.

Most of technical Civil-engineering processes where initial information and end-product are known – can be fully automated. The only question:

“Where do we start?”

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