The Future of BIM!

Dreams to Reality…

Many years ago starting my journey as a civil engineer I have really admired advertised workflow automation possibilities of different BIM software. However, when trying to implement provided solutions, at some point there were always found limitations, which did not allow to get desired results. After years of struggle, I decided to create my own application to automate routine tasks..

Civil Engineer
BIM Specialist
Software Developer

Ilja Štobert

Civil to Software engineering.

Long journey of developing software engineering skills was ahead, until finally I had enough knowledge to form my thoughts into a working application. It is yet far from perfection but even now saves me and my clients a lot of time.

I believe that true BIM will start when there will be no need to spend hours of time formalizing drawings. Realizing ideas and developing solutions are main Civil engineer tasks. In my world ready Model equals ready Drawings, just one button click away. Taking into account enormous variability in projects and contractor requirements, I had to choose one niche to start from: formalizing cast-unit drawings. Lets’ go!