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PrecastBIM OÜ is a software development company that specializes in helping users formalize drawings based on BIM models. Whether you’re an technician, engineer, or construction professional, PrecastBIM can help you streamline workflow and save time on your projects. With our user-friendly interface and powerful tools, you can easily dimension complex building models with precision and accuracy. Try today and experience the difference in your BIM projects!

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  • Save time on simple routine tasks to concentrate your attention on more important things.
  • Create drawings more efficiently to earn more profits with the same time resources.
  • Don’t have to outsource CU drawing creation anymore
  • Get 50% discount for lifetime to all our advanced future automation products.

Demonstration Videos

Precast Element drawing automation

CU-Drawing dimensioning allows you to create all basic views and create required dimensions in any of them. For now, this plugin for Tekla Structures enables to create 90% ready Formwork drawing in just few minutes. Fully automated drawing creation might be achieved within this year.
In addition it allows to place reinforcement marks with less intersections.

GA Drawing dimensioning

GA-Drawing plugin is designed to save a lot of time dimensioning any type of drawing. Instead of creating dimension lines point by point, you can now easily dimension any part and its’ openings with just few clicks. Lowering manual work required also lowers error probability.
In addition create all needed Level marks for parts and/or openings in one click.

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You need to have an active Tekla Structures license to use our application. Currently supported Tekla Structures versions: 2021-2023

“All types of drawings could be potentially fully automated and become just a byproduct”

Ilja Štobert